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Respectful, Detailed Pet Aquamation

Tree of Life was created by a veterinarian and a staff of dedicated animal lovers to ensure that your pet is treated with the utmost dignity and respect at the end of their life.

We offer pet aquamation services, which is a gentler, more environmentally-friendly alternative to pet cremation. In addition, Tree of Life has a tracking system to ensure that the ashes you receive do indeed belong to your pet.

Our goal is to ensure that your beloved pet’s ashes are returned to you safely, and with respect to honor their beautiful life.

What is Aquamation?

Aquamation is a process in which water flow, temperature, and alkali are used to accelerate the breaking down process. Unlike cremation, which can leave large fragments, the remaining organic material from aquamation is processed into a fine powder that is safe to handle. 

Aquamation remains can be scattered, or placed in an urn or in jewelry to memorialize your pet. 

How is Aquamation More Environmentally-Conscious?

The process is flameless and does not rely on fossil fuels and has no direct emissions of greenhouse gasses or mercury. In addition, the water used contains just 5% alkali which is completely consumed and neutralized by the end of the aquamation process. The water is simply returned to the ecosystem through normal wastewater treatment. The process uses less water than a household uses in a single day. Overall, the process is 1/10th of the carbon footprint of cremation.

Your Pet is in Good Hands

We love animals and understand the connection you have with your pets because we have the same connections with our pets. You can be assured that Tree of Life will treat your pet with loving respect through every step of the process. 

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