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Our pets are our companions in our daily lives ready to snuggle or make us laugh. They are there to support us when we are feeling sad or alone, and they are a source of immense joy. In short, our pets are family. This is why the loss of a pet is devastating. We understand your feeling of loss and provide pet aquamation services to honor the memory of your beloved pet. Aquamation is a gentle, more environmentally-friendly alternative to cremation and has been in use for over 25 years for both pets and people.

Tree of Life was created to honor the life of your pet. We treat your cherished pet with respect from the beginning of our gentle, environmentally-friendly end-of-life services. Our dedicated and compassionate staff reverently provide pet aquamation services to our clients—treating each pet as if they were our own.

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Choose from one of our small jewelry urns as a way to remember your pet and keep them with you. These jewelry urns come in a variety of designs, so you can pick the one that best represents your pet. Tree of Life is committed to helping you honor and celebrate the life of your animal companion.
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